Difference Between Website Designers and Website Developers

Normally, most of people have not clear concept about the website design and website development, both are similar in many ways but different as well. The most prominent and important is that the one is about the visual or stylish part of the webpage, called “design”; the other is the imperceptible design of the coding side, called “developer.”

In short, the amazing and outstanding web interface was initially made by website designers, and the developer is in charge of transforming those images into a page that finally visible to the customers.

Website Designer: Know how to create an alluring design

Basically, website designers are responsible for the strategy and design of the visual format of sites. Superlative and skillful designers are amazingly great at the utilizing of an assortment of ideas, for example, shading collocation, typesetting, spatial relations and client experience.

By using graphic design software and prototyping tools, website specialists could make the underlying adaptation of a site. Afterwards the complete designs will go to website developers for coding.

Website Developer: know how to make alive the excellent web design

Web developers, in some cases also called programmers, work on the web designs and build a complete functioning website. To put it essentially, think about the designs as a non-intuitive “picture” of the site. Developers accept the designs and then reprieve it up into its components. They at that point either utilize just HTML or a more powerful approach fusing programming languages, for example, PHP to build up the different site pages. More experienced and advanced programmers may use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla keeping in mind the end goal to streamline improvement and brings customers a simple method to maintain and update their site.

The identity of website designers and web developers:

For me, I think the website designers are more imaginative and artistic, while web developers are more investigative and analytical.

It is true that web developers sometimes ignore the creativeness of designers due to the coding difficulties. But, Web Designer can’t ignore coding completely.

In the terms of coding, website designers and web developers can both require some level of programming skills.

Qualified and professional website designers understand the code better than a graphic designer and know how to shock the website visitors better than a web developer. As the designers of excellent web pages, it is their ultimate objective to make a site that will stun clients. Shortly, a web designer is one who can attract visitors through his unique and creative designs and a developer at the end will give a wow experience while the process of navigating the web page or web application.

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